Architectural Assistance

copy-jsg.pngJSG provides Design Assistance for all types of buildings. We can assist Architects and Design Professionals at any stage of the project.



We analyze the project concept and criteria, and assist in the selection of the proper number, type, size and speed of elevators. Development of the criteria and review preliminary equipment designs and performance standards. Establish preliminary budgets and schedules. Evaluate manufacturer’s products. Analysis and commentary of budget and performance considerations. Review of open versus closed architecture of computerized control elevator dispatching, and motor drive systems.

Schematic Design & Design Development
We provide:

  • Standardized equipment layouts to bring the best bid responses.

  • Pre-Design of hoistways to accept most manufacturer’s equipment.

  • Project collaboration via the Internet.

  • Precise drawings and data for incorporation into your project documents.

  • Drawings plotted and drawn to scale in electronic files for any standard size (A through E) Accurate representations of relative components for fit and function conformity.

We facilitate defining performance standards, equipment selection and related designs to provide the optimal conveyance system(s) for your project.

Construction Documentation

We develop your building transportation system design and turn it into the technical language of the manufacturer/installer. Specifications are prepared which define in detail all of the materials that are to be incorporated into the building conveyance system, detail quality and performance standards. Future preventative maintenance requirements are prepared for with specifications devoted to continuing maintenance control and management programs.

Bidding & Negotiations

Assistance through to contract award with:

  • Contractor interviews and pre qualification.

  • Responding to bidders questions, exclusions and alternates.

  • Review the manufacturer’s design, engineering and serviceability characteristics of the proposed bid equipment.

  • Confidential advice for final selection and contract award.

  • Negotiating with the building transportation system contractors in finalizing pricing and work schedules.