Construction Services


  • Review of shop drawings and product submittals.
  • Selection assistance with cab and fixture designs.
  • Attendance at construction meetings.
  • Site visits for work progress and specification conformance.
  • Progress Payment and Change Order approval.
  • Final acceptance inspection and punch list compilations.
  • Securing all technical materials necessary for future maintenance requirements.

Nothing is more detrimental to a building’s bottom-line, than an elevator system that was claimed as state-of-the-art technology, but fails to deliver consistent reliability and efficient performance. Further pitfalls are often found at the end of the warranty period when owners find they are restricted in purchasing a competitive maintenance program due to the proprietary architecture of some OEM computerized control systems.

JSG provides fair and critical evaluation and comparisons of the OEM systems to allow you to make informed decisions on what will best meet your specific needs and budget considerations.
JSG Review and Analysis of the conveyance requirements for the project. Summary of Design Criteria to select an optimal system.

  1. Summary of Design Criteria to select an optimal system.
  2. Design assistance and finishes for cabs, entrances and fixtures.
  3. Project budget, cost estimates and timetables.
  4. Equipment drawings, hoistway dimensions.
  5. Outline and final specifications, bid documents.
  6. Installation supervision, review of shop drawings for specification conformance.
  7. Construction schedules, periodic jobsite reviews, component evaluation, change order and progress payment approval.
  8. Final owner acceptance inspections and itemized deficiencies for correction.
  9. Securing all the necessary maintenance and diagnostic tools, technical materials, and maintenance criteria for continuing maintenance.