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What can you expect from an elevator consultant?


Extensive Industry Knowledge

Chances are that elevators represent only a portion of your responsibilities. If you are too busy to allocate the time to become an expert on elevator pricing, repair methods, building codes, and all of the peripheral data needed to maintain your equipment, the JSG team can offer much needed support.


Strategic Long-Term Thinking

We will help you get a handle on the big picture. This often starts with analyzing the state of the equipment, reviewing the service program, making informed recommendations for care and maintenance, and identifying risk management issues. We want to set our clients up for long term success which often starts with reducing unscheduled service calls and equipment downtime.


Owner's Needs are prioritized

We see our role as owner advocates. When we are on your team, our industry experience shifts the balance of power away from elevator companies who often prioritize their own interests. We work in all stages of an elevator's life cycle, from purchase to replacement - meaning we represent owners interests during the design, installation, maintenance, modernization, or replacement phases.

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When can an elevator consultant help?

  • Design

    Project Development & Design

    Every building is unique in its tenancy, utilization and design. Selection of the best equipment that will support building operations is extremely important when considering a capital investment in upgrading to a new conveyance system. Decisions at this stage have far reaching consequences.

    We analyze the project concept and criteria, and assist in the selection of the proper number, type, size and speed of elevators. We assist in the development of the criteria and review preliminary equipment designs and performance standards. We also can establish preliminary budgets and schedules.

  • Installation

    Construction Services & Project Management

    We offer installation oversight that can include review of shop drawings for specification conformance, oversight for construction schedules, periodic job site reviews, component evaluation, change order and progress payment approval. We cap off most projects by managing final owner acceptance inspections and itemized deficiencies for correction.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance Management

    Nothing is more detrimental to a building’s bottom-line, than an elevator system that fails to deliver consistent, reliable, and efficient performance.

    Working with building management and the elevator company, we establish a Maintenance Management Program (MMP). The MMP monitors maintenance and repair schedules, records and schedules by the elevator contractor to ensure the contract terms and conditions are fully met. We will also recommend timely system upgrades that are determined necessary for continued or improved performance.

  • Legal

    Litigation Services

    JSG's founder, Michael Fagan, is a court approved Expert Witness and our team of consultants has provided research and analysis in support in hundreds of Construction Claims, Mediation, Accident Investigations and Reconstruction matters. We're able to support Owners, Carriers, Plaintiffs, and Attorneys by supplying reports and/or effective trial testimony for all sorts of conveyance litigation.

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How we can work together

No two contracts are the same. For some clients we come in to find a solution to a discrete problem. In other cases we work with clients for over 10+ years.

The first step is to get in touch with us. We'll most likely suggest a complete technical audit. Understanding the particularities of your equipment will put us in the best position to find solutions to whatever challenge you're facing.

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