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Make informed choices about your elevators, escalators, and moving walkways by partnering with our team of industry experts.

As a neutral third party, we will empower you to make cost-effective decisions around contracts, modernizations, and repairs that you may be negotiating with your elevator service provider. We are on your team to help manage your contractor and make sure the work gets done correctly.

We represent property owners, architects, facilities managers and HOA’s at any step of your elevators life cycle from conceptual design to replacement.

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Get the most competitive bids

Using our technical expertise, we will be able to point you towards the most appropriate contract for your needs.

That can mean identifying hidden charges, removing unnecessary terms and conditions, offering recommendations for repair rather than replacement, and making sure all the bids you have received are for a comparable scope of work. If appropriate, we will design a custom contract that reflects the particulars of your service needs rather than using the elevator company's default contract.


Know that you are getting the maintenance service you are paying for

Leave it to us to evaluate your repair and maintenance contract with your elevator company. We offer regular onsite surveys and assessments, and if you are looking for a more hands on approach, we can manage technicians via contracts. We offer a full spectrum start-to-finish work for our management projects. This means that if a contract isn’t fully honored, we will push to get the services you paid for or get your money reimbursed.


Navigate repair and modernization proposals & concerns

Is your equipment coming to the end of its life cycle? Are you considering replacement or extensive modernization? We are available to offer guidance, suggestions, and some good old-fashioned problem-solving to find a solution that makes sense for your situation. We will do a complete audit to understand the particulars of each elevator and make specific recommendations. We are also available to help you develop a financial timeline including capital planning, capital programs, and capital reserves.

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Working together

We find that owners and facilities managers get the best from their elevator contractors when they bring us on to broker that relationship. We are able to help you make the most technically-appropriate and cost-effective decisions. Because we are not trying to meet a sales quota, your needs are always our priority.