• elevator schematic

Project Design
and Development

In order to achieve the optimal vertical transportation system(s) for your project, the JSG team identifies performance standards, makes recommendations for equipment selection and supports the design and engineering processes. When your project is underway, JSG provides construction services, coordination, and oversight to ensure the project meets expectations.

Architectural Assistance

We can assist Architects and Design Professionals at any stage of the project. In the pre-design phase, we analyze the project concept and criteria, and assist in the selection of the proper number, type, size and speed of elevators. In addition, we can provide an analysis and commentary of budget and performance considerations.

Schematic Design & Design Development

Drawing Assistance and engineering

Engineering Services

Project Development

Maintenance Reviews

Assessments for Due Diligence

Design Engineering

QEI Inspections

Construction document preparation

Construction Services

Bidding & Negotiations

  • Contractor interviews and pre qualification.
  • Responding to bidders questions, exclusions and alternates.
  • Comparing bids for consistency and accuracy and adherence to specifications.
  • Review the manufacturer’s design, engineering and serviceability characteristics of the proposed bid equipment.
  • Confidential advice for final selection and contract award.
  • Negotiating with the elevator contractors in finalizing pricing and work schedules.

Construction Project Services

  • Review of shop drawings and product submittals.
  • Selection assistance with cab and fixture designs.
  • Attendance at construction meetings.
  • Progress Payment and Change Order approval.
  • Final acceptance inspection and punch list compilations.
  • Securing all manuals, parts ordering information, and service tools necessary for future maintenance requirements.

Sample Project Timeline

Our team can provide design assistance with your vertical transportation plans.

  • Conceptual

    Summary of Design Criteria to select an optimal system


    Design assistance and finishes for cabs, entrances and fixtures


    Project budget, cost estimates and timetables


    Review equipment drawings, hoistway dimensions

  • Bidding

    Outline and final specifications, bid documents

  • Installation

    Construction oversight, review of shop drawings for specification conformance, review of adherence to construction schedules


    Construction schedules, periodic job site reviews, component evaluation, change order and progress payment approval

  • Project Completion

    Final owner acceptance inspections and itemized deficiencies for correction


    Securing all manuals, parts ordering information, and service tools necessary for future maintenance requirements

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Schedule a Consultation

Start a conversation with JSG about your elevator concerns. Whatever your challenge, we will let you know if we are the right people to help you find a solution.


Equipment Audit

For projects with existing equipment, we will typically start out with an audit. In the case of new construction, we begin with a preliminary review of performance requirements, the equipment design and standards.


Customized Proposal

Our clients all have unique circumstances, specific goals, and considerably diverse equipment. Every project requires a highly individualized proposal.