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Many owners have difficulty understanding what their elevator service company is supposed to provide under a maintenance agreement. We ensure our clients are receiving fair value and that their equipment is going to be maintained to the highest standard. A comprehensive maintenance management program may defer, or eliminate the need for costly new equipment or major repairs that a service company has proposed.


Nothing is more detrimental to a building’s bottom-line than an elevator system that fails to deliver consistent, reliable, and efficient performance. JSG’s maintenance programs are designed to keep your equipment functional and preserve your capital investment against premature wear, depreciation, operational failures and unexpected repair charges.

Equipment Audit

We periodically examine your equipment to evaluate safety, reliability, performance levels, and code conformance. By auditing the condition of the existing systems, we will establish specific quality maintenance standards.

Existing maintenance contract review

We compare your maintenance contract's deliverables with JSG’s audit, review pricing, and contractor-proposed repairs. We provide a report on the elevator company’s performance and contract fulfillment. Highlighted in the report are recommendations, equipment deficiencies, and risk management issues revealed at that time of the audit.

Maintenance Management & Control Programs

Working with building management and the elevator company, we establish a Maintenance Management Program (MMP). The MMP monitors maintenance and repair schedules, records and schedules by the elevator contractor over time. This ensures the contract terms and conditions are fully met. We will also recommend timely system upgrades that are determined necessary for continued or improved performance.


We develop custom preventive maintenance agreements for performance based programs and services. JSG will assist in the vendor bidding and monitor execution of the contracts. These programs are designed to preserve your capital investment against premature wear, depreciation, operational failures and unexpected repair charges.

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Schedule a Consultation

Start a conversation with JSG about your elevator concerns. Whatever your challenge, we will let you know if we are the right people to help you find a solution.


Equipment Audit

For projects with existing equipment, we will typically start out with an audit. In the case of new construction, we begin with a preliminary review of performance requirements, the equipment design and standards.


Customized Proposal

Our clients all have unique circumstances, specific goals, and considerably diverse equipment. Every project requires a highly individualized proposal.