Every building is unique in its tenancy, utilization, and design. Selection of the equipment that will support building operations is extremely important when considering a capital investment. Using our experience and technical expertise, JSG will assist you in the selection process so that you can avoid the uncertainty and confusion around the multiple options.


Evaluation and analysis of existing equipment.

Traffic surveys for planning efficient vertical circulation of tenancy.

Schedules of which components may be reused and which ones may require replacement.

Plan and specification development for upgrades and new equipment. Our designs will meet or exceed building operations.

Cost estimates and preparation of clearly written contract documents.

Scheduled oversight and quality control provided throughout the modernization project.

Owner’s acceptance inspection process.

Is it time for a significant upgrade?
Let JSG help you navigate the modernization process.

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Schedule a Consultation

Start a conversation with JSG about your elevator concerns. Whatever your challenge, we will let you know if we are the right people to help you find a solution.


Equipment Audit

For projects with existing equipment, we will typically start out with an audit. In the case of new construction, we begin with a preliminary review of performance requirements, the equipment design and standards.


Customized Proposal

Our clients all have unique circumstances, specific goals, and considerably diverse equipment. Every project requires a highly individualized proposal.